Winning Web Design for Small Businesses

We know that large companies depend heavily on web sites to reach their customers these days.  And although some people are of the impression that a great online presence is only a concern of multinationals and big businesses, that’s simply not true.  A great web site from a company like Plug and Play London is a must these days, whether your business is big or small.  You may already have a site, or you may be thinking of re-designing your existing site in order to help generate more profits.  In either case, you’ll need a bit of professional help.  Any web design company that you hire is going to want to do their best for you, and you can be sure that they’ll have a fair amount of industry know-how.  However, it won’t hurt if you yourself know the ingredients of winning web design for small businesses.

Small business have to be run a little differently from large ones, but there are many cases where the same concepts that apply to larger enterprises will apply also to smaller ones.  A small business can be more personalized and have a bit more personality, but you’ll find that you still have to address the two most important concerns when it comes to web design for small businesses.

In general, what you want to build is a web site that’s search-engine friendly and user friendly.  If you achieve this goal, then you’ll have a great site that should help boost your profits and build your brand.  Let’s start off with the first aspect – SEO optimization.

Where do people go these days when they need to find anything?  The internet, of course.  At the rate people surf and use social media these days, it really isn’t surprising that they’ll go online even when they’re looking for a service found just a few blocks or streets away in their small home town.  Whether you’re in a large urban metropolis like New York or in rural Kentucky or Idaho, you’ve got to adapt your site so that search engines find it.

If you’re a small business, you’ll be targeting local traffic.  This means that you want to optimize for keywords that incorporate your place of business, or the town, state, province, or district in which you are to be found.  This is particularly effective for businesses that offer services where location matters – like pest extermination, plumbing, carpentry, or even tax work and legal advice.  Basically, if you’re a businessman who does a lot of transactions face-to-face rather than staying strictly online, you want to target local searches.   Make your web designer aware of this.

Another thing that you want to have in a small business site is ease of use.  Your customers these days have vastly shorter attention spans than the customers of yesteryears.  They could be hunting for a birthday gift for their girlfriend while staying logged into a social networking site and even watching short videos.  Your site should load quickly and be very easy to navigate.  You don’t need a lot of pages – what you need is to make that sale and make that customer interested.  The less clicks to buy your product or contact you for a quote or a consult, then the better it will be.

For the nitty-gritty details on what to do and how you can actually make a locally optimised, easy-to-use site for your business, you can speak to a web design professional.  Think about building your site as a team effort.  The experts will do the code for you, but the vision should essentially be yours.  And in any case, a well-informed customer like you should easily usually get his money’s worth.

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